Thursday, October 21, 2010

back to sock knitting

Hurray! Back to socks!

This morning I cast on for some Simple Skyp socks which I'm adapting to knit toe-up. Just a few days ago I finished Embossed Leaves socks in this same Tea Time colourway of Alley Cat sock yarn for my sister-in-law. Now I'm knitting socks for my brother from the same colourway. Adorable, huh? Matching socks for the happy couple!

Over the last couple of weeks I've been admiring this pattern as knit up by Dee and by Frieda. So much so, that I wanted to make a pair myself. It helps that the pattern is suitably masculine for one of the guys on my Christmas list. And easy enough to adapt for knitting toe up; because I'd like the leg as long as possible without running short of yarn.

I'm loving it so far. In fact, there may be a few more guys on my list who get socks from this pattern. Now, back to it!


One pair of Hands said...

Another lovely pair of socks coming up. I tried the toe up sock and found I have too many fingers. It's really awkward at first isn't it? I'll not give up and will have another bash at it another time.

Frieda said...

Love the colour ! I've knit socks toe up but still prefer cuff down . It's the heel that always confounds me . Plus I truly can't make a decent short row heel to save my life !

PS the second hat looks really great , congrats on another beautiful hand knit .

Anonymous said...

I will DEFINITELY be doing this pattern again. I love it in the color you are using!