Tuesday, March 30, 2010

TV knitting

Another day, a little more progress on this Gull Lace Baby Blanket - a simple and effective pattern, that I'm finding quite pleasant as TV knitting. Gavin made this antenna and put it up in the attic - now we can tune into a number of local stations, including some HD digital broadcasts, for free. You need a new-ish TV with a built in digital tuner to work, and it helps if you live on the Lakeshore. Reception improves as the weather improves, so our channel line up may expand, but for now we get a pretty good list of channels.

Both CTV and Global - our two favourite channels - come in as crystal clear digital broadcasts. And a number of other channels like CITY Toronto, TVO Toronto, Omni One and Two, French CBC Toronto and a couple of religious programming channels also come in clearly. The fuzzy channels include CBC Toronto, CHEX Peterborough, CHCH Hamilton, SunTV Hamilton, PBS Buffalo, and a few others. But even with hundreds of channels by satellite, there was tons of duplication and little worth watching. Sorry ExpressVu, no more money from me!

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Wanderingcatstudio said...

I got rid of the cable a few years ago now and I can't say I miss it - I definitely don't miss the bill! I don't get any channels (no antennae and old tv) but I have a DVD player and a large collection of movies.