Monday, March 1, 2010

the difference a day makes

This morning finds me about halfway down the leg of my first Nutkin sock. And much happier with this pattern choice for this gorgeous Mountain Colors Bearfoot yarn. What a difference a day and a do-over make! As advertised, the Nutkin pattern is simple and easy to memorize and the result is lovely.

The cuff is unexpected - it's a folded hem, similar to the picot hems of my Cottage Garden sweater but with a plain purl turning round. I had to be careful when "welding" this hem to align the stitches correctly to avoid biasing. Misalignment can twist the rest of the sock out of shape. It's all good, though; my hem is straight, flat and tidy. And there's enough texture in the rest of the sock, so that the double-thickness of the folded hem doesn't appear distractingly bulky.

There are two pattern modifications that I am considering adopting. First, the heel. Instead of a short row heel I think I'll opt for a heel flap and gusset to make the heel deeper. The second mod? Mirror the pattern on the second sock. Looks easy enough to do, so why not!

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Wanderingcatstudio said...

It looks great - I did a heel flap and gusset, as well a mirrored the second so when I did mine - quite pleased with the result