Sunday, March 21, 2010

the first bunny

Here's the first little bunny ... I'm sorry to say that she's posing on a shot glass rather than an egg, but I plan to take care of that later this afternoon. I imagine she'll be happier on a chocolate egg!

I've made her sweater with scraps of pink and white Louisa Harding Mulberry Silk and used scraps of brown alpaca for her head and hands. As I knit her head I worried she was turning out too large, but now that she's finished I think it has all worked out fine. The finishing is fiddly but the pattern works out very nicely in the end. Now to make half a dozen more with different sweaters in time for Easter!


Rhonda & Valerie said...

Too cute.

Elizabeth said...

That's adorable!! I'm not telling anyone in our household about them!

Magical Jane said...

I am in love with those! Think how great a set would be with different coloured sweaters. Yes, please think ;)

They're FABULOUS! must be fiddly though.