Tuesday, March 9, 2010

more than halfway

Through the weekend I worked mostly on my blanket when home, but the Nutkin socks have not been languishing on the needles. The first sock is done and I'm almost at the heel of the second. The thing is, the blanket is more than halfway now - at 30" wide and about 20" long and counting, it's taking up a lot of counter space when I'm not working on it. So I'd like to get it done. And, as we plan to go to Ottawa in a few weeks, I could deliver the finished blanket to Knit-Knackers in Ottawa. I'm sure the spinner of this gorgeous yarn will want to see the finished blanket. Also, delivering the blanket saves on postage which is no small matter when a blanket is involved.

Funny, blankets always seem to come to this point, huh? As much as I enjoy them, at about halfway through, I just want them done and off the needles. Especially when there's new projects and new yarn around to tempt me.


Wanderingcatstudio said...

I have a scarf like that - I don't really want to work on it but it's almost halfway there - too far to frog, but not far enough for that last minute push

One pair of Hands said...

Blankets tend to use up our enthusiasm well before they're finished don't they? Feel good factor is worth it when they're done though eh?

Susan said...

I only like blankets and scarves for about half the time it takes to knit them.

suse-the-slow-knitta & Baldyboi said...

save postage, knit like crazy!

I love the colour of those socks , very moody and mystical