Thursday, August 13, 2009

pattern design work

No more rash promises about when the pattern will be posted. Every day brings renewed appreciation about what's involved in pattern design and publication. It may be a few more days yet before I'm ready. The pattern has been finalized, charted and test knit twice. The row by row instructions are in progress, and, once complete, will need to be test knit a couple more times. I've decided to call the pattern "Scrub•Bee" and designed a treatment for the pattern name. And with the last few days of bright sunshine, I've finally got photos that I'm happy with - no easy feat with off white cotton cloths. All this work, just for a dishcloth! I shudder to imagine the herculean efforts involved in bringing a book like Sock Innovation to print.

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Magical Jane said...

It's all completely perfect, and somehow I suspect will not be 'just for a dishcloth'. Looks like you've unleashed many more new talents. Well done you! I wholeheartedly approve of the font selection - that's kind of scary huh?

I'm still struggling to photography necklaces btw.