Sunday, August 9, 2009

between the thunderstorms

With thunderstorms and heavy rain showers both days of the weekend, there was plenty of opportunity to knit. And plenty of opportunity to refine the pattern for my bee dishcloth. Adjusting the shape of the body and the wings. Adjusting the thickness of the seed stitch borders. Adjusting the length and direction of the legs. Now on my sixth attempt, the pattern is almost there. Gavin just shakes his head every time I rip out and start again - all for a dishcloth. Hopefully after a few more adjustments, I'll finally be ready to write up the pattern. I'll post it as soon as it's done.

When the sun broke through for a couple of hours on Sunday afternoon, we dropped everything to get outside for a while. And headed to Frenchman's Bay on Lake Ontario, a distance of 15 minutes or so by car. Seems like everyone else had the same idea. Sailboats dotted the horizon, seadoos buzzed nearer to the shore, and young kids bodyboarded in the shallow surf. Several Monarch butterflies were flitting around the wildflowers at the side of the channel. It's definitely August, if the Monarchs are here.

The Spinrite factory outlet annual tent sale starts Monday. Mom and I went last year - we didn't buy much, but we enjoyed the outing in rural Ontario. Shirley, Christine and Jean are coming with me this year. Maybe I should buy more dishcloth cotton ... in case I need a few more tries to perfect the bee pattern!

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