Friday, August 7, 2009

the buzz

It was love at first sight - the bee glasses and me. I love the heavy bases, the pressed glass bees and the simple shapes of the glassware. Over the years I've wrapped many of these as gifts for my friend Nancy - perfect for the cottage. And she loves them too.

Last weekend at the cottage, Nancy asked if I could knit dishcloths. Wouldn't it be great if I could design a dishcloth pattern that echos the bee pattern of the glassware? How hard can it be? In fact, harder than I thought. On my first attempt, the bee pattern was created from purl stitches in a field of stockinette, and was too subtle. On my second attempt, I changed the wings to all purl, changed the body of the bee to bobbles, and shifted to smaller needles. Better, but still more work to do. The bee looks elongated, so I'm going to eliminate a couple of bobble rows. And I like the arcing top legs compared to the lower legs that are straight columns of purls. The wings need to be taller and reach higher on the bee. But it's starting to take shape. And they'll make Nancy laugh, no matter how many dishes she has to wash!


Magical Jane said...

you're craaaaazy.

I don't even think I could drink from a bee glass. Too scary.

Fascinating patterning though, and I'm surprised the stocking stitch (is that right?) holds the shape so nicely. Ooh, I think I'll try some geometric designs (having successfully re-rememberd how to cast off!).

Could have used your help last night as the whole "yarn over" concept had me completely flumoxed.

Suse-the-slow-knitta said...

what a fab idea! I welcome the bees into my garden and would love to make a washcloth like that.

Susan said...

Please share the pattern when you're done, I love bees!

Magical Jane said...

It's outstanding Lynn, it really is. I don't want one though, thanks all the same ;) But can I just say, I loooooove my cotton socks the most.