Saturday, August 15, 2009

checking it twice

Just as well that I took the time to proofread and test knit my dishcloth pattern to look for mistakes. Because there were lots. Enough that I think I should fix the pattern, and then after a few days break, come back and test knit it again. Just to be sure that I've caught them all. It'd be a shame to have done all this work and not get it completely right, wouldn't it?

And today I learned a new word - "scuppers". Those are the handy little holes that drain the water from the deck of my new sit-on-top kayak. It's very nice to paddle about and stay relatively dry and comfortable. Gavin and I did over 5km this aft, paddling to the mouth of the Rouge River and back. The kayak even has a nifty little storage hatch that's big enough for water bottles, flip-flops, a waterproof camera and plenty of room to spare. I suppose there'd even be room enough for some knitting, but I need both hands to paddle!

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