Thursday, August 20, 2009

back to socks

With my Scrub•Bee dishcloth project complete, it was time to reacquaint myself with my Glynis socks. But halfway through the first round of the set-up for the leg pattern on the second sock I realized I'd done the ribbed cuff wrong. An error of inattention, I think. Just mindlessly ribbing K2P2s halfway across the second needle instead of minding the chart. So I've ripped it all out, so that I can start again tonight.

In the meantime, my stack of hats for the Burera Hospital in Rwanda is slowly growing. These little hats have been my take along projects - compact and easy for knitting on buses, subways and trains, and for knitting at work. On the subway yesterday a passenger opposite me was knitting a complicated sock pattern, toe-up, two-at-a-time, magic loop. Impressive, that. I can only manage short rows of ribbing or stockinette on transit. Imagine being caught mid-row on something complicated when your stop is announced!

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Anonymous said...


Lynn's brother Mark has a blog or website or whatever those things are called that is named "Words by Walma". I do not know if it is an oversight on the part of his blog creation but there is no place to post comments. So Lynn could you please tell your brother that I like his blog. Yours is wonderful too.

Lynn you should consider creating a "blog" knitting pattern of "Words by Walma".

Great bees and great hats !