Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Yes I can!

Blanket Square No2 for the Warm Hands Network is halfway knit. It's a pretty little lace pattern from Marilyn Muller with a garter stitch edge. Says Raveler Knitacious "You know, knitting these squares really does improve your knitting - you have to figure out the tension, center your design, then knit and block!" She's right. These little squares are surprisingly enjoyable.

Finishing my Hey Teach cardigan is taking longer. Threading the needle through each of the bars between the ladders of knit stitches is finicky and time consuming - but patience is paying off in spades. A third of the way up and I'm stunned at the invisibility of the resulting seam. Imagine that! All my fears were for nought. 

  Enough yarn?  Yes
  Able to maintain the pattern on decreasing rows?  Yes.
  Can I finish the cardigan nicely?  Definitely, yes!


Frieda said...

Nice seam ! Seaming is one of the reasons I don't tackle larger projects , my seams always look wonky . The cardigan is gorgeous !

Susan said...

Mattress stitch is amazing. It's always a pain to do but so nice when it's done.