Tuesday, June 9, 2009

room for one more?

Is there? Room for one more on the Hey, Teach bandwagon? Already 1171 Ravelers have knit this cardigan. And I've fallen under it's spell. Hey, Teach was in my queue, when I saw and touched Cloud Cotton in Tea Rose pink at The Naked Sheep on Saturday. But there are three worries. First, I bought the recommended yardage of yarn, then added a couple inches to the body. Will I have enough yarn? Second, a number of Ravelers have warned that the decreases are tricky when working the lace pattern. Uh oh! And finally, finishing. The lace pattern of the bodice won't hide much, so I'm going to have to be really careful.

My mitts are done, washed and blocked. They've been a very successful project and I'm really pleased with them. I just wish I felt inspired to cast on more mitts - the deadline for the September shipment for the Warm Hands Network is coming up fast. And I had hoped to have a lot more done by now!

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Susan said...

Hey Teach has been in my queue forever. Can't wait to see how yours comes out.