Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday update

Hey Teach is proceeding nicely - the back and the left front are done. Tonight I'll cast on the right front. Which leaves the sleeves, the neckline ribbing and the button bands to do.

Remember my three worries? Will I have enough yarn? From the five skeins purchased for this project, I have 2-1/3rds left, so fingers crossed, I think I have enough. Will the shaping be difficult? With careful attention to stitch counts on every RS row, the decreases in the lace pattern at the armhole and neckline are correct. How do I seam and finish the sweater? Anxiety about finishing was starting to creep in, so I had a look around. And found this article from Knitting Daily with the answers I need.

Hours of Saturday and Sunday were spent sewing instead of knitting. A needle organizer is what I have in mind, because I have so many and they are heaped and piled and completely a mess. Finding four or five dpns of any given size has become a very tiresome task. Organization is definitely needed. And I suspect I will find that there are more than one set of needles in a couple of popular sizes.

The denim is recycled from old blue jeans that I've been saving for just this kind of a project. And the size labels were printed inkjet on transfer material, and ironed on to some light coloured quilting cotton. When it's finished it will hang over a coat hanger in my yarn closet. It's not perfect - if I do it again, I'll make the needle pockets wider - but it's going to be way better than the mess I have on my hands now!


Suse-the-slow-knitta said...

the needle case looks fab! my dpn's are in a lunchbox shaped like the Tardis from Dr Who!

Susan said...

It's looking beautiful and the needle roll is adorable.

Frieda said...

What a great idea ! Wish I was handy with the sewing machine . My dpns and circulars could use abit of organizing !