Saturday, June 6, 2009

Red Rockets

Wondering why I've said so little about my Red Rocket socks? After more than 40 rows of the 57 round chart for the foot, I found a major mistake in round 23... sigh. For the last several days I've painstakingly tinked back and then reknit. And finally, things are back on track ... phew!

On May 20th I mentioned an error in the set up round for the gusset. This morning I found the errata, thanks to a comment from a fellow Raveler on her project page. Part of me is relieved that the pattern was in error, but mostly, I'm sorry for Cookie A. Unless this is the usual situation when 15 complicated new patterns are published? Could be. A tremendous amount of test knitting must have gone into preparing the book for press. Note to self: check for errata!

Now, I must gulp my coffee and run off to shower. Because today is the TTC Knit-Along. A baby hat is on needles, ready for stitching on the Queen Street Red Rocket streetcar - the inspiration for my socks. Can't wait!

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