Sunday, June 28, 2009

putting stash yarn to good use

Saturday morning found me tidying up. Then sitting in front of my yarn cupboard surrounded by stash yarn. With my Hey Teach cardigan finished - just needing buttons and a model for photography - I was ready for a new project. In one bag from my Mom were skeins of Briggs & Little Anniversary Twist, a 2 ply wool with plies of light and dark blue twisted together. Mom purchased the yarn from the ends bin at the mill last November. And she had rewound four skeins and started a fifth. But there was nothing on needles and no hints as to what she had in mind.

With over a thousand yards of wool I decided on a baby blanket for the Warm Hands Network. There are hundreds of blanket, shawl and afghan patterns in the Ravelry databases. And I've lost many hours looking at them all, but I wanted something simple, mostly solid, reversible and a pattern that would keep it's shape. So I'm winging it. Double moss stitch pattern overall, with the border and inner squares divided by rows and columns of eyelets. Fingers crossed that it works out as nicely as I'm visualising it!

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Suse-the-slow-knitta said...

what a gorgeous colour, it will be fabulous to knit up