Friday, September 10, 2010

Take Fives, take 2

These Take Five socks are really charming and fit beautifully. The pattern is simple, but the effect is very elegant. These just feel like I should knit some more! I'm still disappointed that there wasn't enough yarn to knit the legs a bit longer, but I've come up with a solution: knit another pair.

You remember this red yarn, don't you? It's Lucy Neatby Celestial Merino. And I completely love this colour. These two skeins were originally planned for a shawl, but my sister didn't love the colour. Then I tried Hobo mitts, but frogged them because I didn't like the fit. So why not socks? It's sock yarn, after all. And I've got lots of it.

My only hesitation was that the yarn is 100% merino - no nylon content. How well would socks knit from this yarn wear? I asked Ilga Leja at the Knitter's Frolic earlier this year. "Knit in a reinforcing thread at the toe and heel", she suggested. Sounds like a plan. And where to find reinforcing thread? Romni, of course. They carry little spools of 2 ply wool/nylon blend Regia Stopf - und Beilaufgarn in various colours. The red I picked is a brighter red, but once knit, it disappears into the main yarn. It does make the fabric at the toe a bit bulkier and stiffer, but better that than holes!


Anonymous said...

That yarn is such a pretty red.

I've used reinforcing yarn with some of my socks and when you are wearing them you really can't feel the difference in the thickness.

Happy knitting!

Frieda said...

I love the colour and the pattern ! Must add it to my queue, but will stick to knitting them cuff down. I think you're wise to knit in the reinforcing thread . The socks that I've knit with 100% merino all had holes in no time .

Wanderingcatstudio said...

yeah I'm definitely going to have to add that pattern to my sock queue

One pair of Hands said...

Knitters used to use pure wool before nylon was invented so the red would probably be OK though I think they will go a bit thick in the foot area. I confess I've had Frieda's experience - big holes really quickly. I think you'd love the article I have in a 1940s knitting magazine which is entitled "Can You Refoot His Socks?" Apparently that's how our long-ago sisters used to handle the problem. Knew you'd love Kristen's book; what about the gorgeous socks eh? :)