Wednesday, September 1, 2010

making my own luck

After breakfast this morning I knit a couple more rounds bringing my second Soft Serve sock back to where I was a couple of days ago. All the rewound yarn has been reknit. Phew. And this time, I threaded a lifeline after completing the heel - that way, if I have to rip back at least I can save all the work done to that point.

The third time may be lucky but I'm not relying on luck alone. These socks are put side after dark; the light in our living room just isn't bright enough to keep close watch on tiny dark stitches on tiny dark needles. I'm counting stitches every row - just to make sure that errors are caught and corrected quickly. And, if all else fails, there's that lifeline. All prudent steps, I think, to ensure my own lucky outcome!