Monday, August 23, 2010

a stay at home weekend

This weekend was our quiet, stay at home weekend. A weekend to do chores like grocery shopping and laundry. A weekend to tidy and fix things around the house. A weekend to poke through cupboards and cook up stuff that's been cluttering shelves for months. And the perfect weekend to replace the track lighting in the kitchen with a ceiling fan and overhead light.

Getting through our to do list was not an unqualified success. We did have tacos for supper last night to use up the taco shells hiding at the back of the cupboard, but the shells were very stale so we composted the bulk of the package and ate taco fillings on toast. I did bake apple pie on Sunday morning so that lone can of pie filling is used up after sitting on the shelf for over a year. Gavin did install the ceiling fan in the kitchen only to discover that the remote control turned on the bedroom fan as well, necessitating an uninstall of the bedroom fan, a change of code and then reinstall. At least the laundry got done without a hitch.

And so did the first Soft Serve Sock ... get done without a hitch, that is. The pattern is really easy and creates quite a dramatic effect. We'll just have to see what the second sock looks like. Based on what the second half of the Zauerball looks like, it's not going to look much like the first.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful sock. You are one speedy knitter!

Isn't it great how one household repair can turn into five???? LOL

Anonymous said...

In response to your comment on my blog:

No, probably not --- it's an inside joke in our family. LOL

I'm pretty plain spoken and I do NOT like my privacy disturbed by the telephone. I don't mind friends calling, but truly believe telephone soliciting for any reason should be outlawed. I pay the bill -- I shouldn't have to put up with this stuff.