Friday, June 25, 2010

a second sleeve

Within a few rows I'll start the raglan shaping of the second sleeve. Then sewing up and the neckband. Normally I would have some trepidation about these steps, but this time I feel pretty confident. My seaming has improved thanks to this tutorial. Picking up stitches evenly can also be worrying but the pattern instructions are so precise that I'm feeling pretty positive about it. I don't usually wash sweaters before gifting them, but in this case I think I will. I'd like to see for myself how this wool washes and dries.

My trip to work may be interesting today. My workplace is near the G20 security perimeter - I'll be walking along side the security fences and possibly passing through security checkpoints this morning. Yesterday a man was arrested just blocks away with implements including a chainsaw, gas cans and a crossbow in his car. A little worrying, don't you think?


Dee said...

Almost there!

Good luck on the trip to work.

Frieda said...

Thanks for the link to the tutorial . I'm terrible at seaming , consequently seldom knit anything that requires me to do it . The planned sweaters for the baby will be a challenge .

Good luck with the security at the G20 . Big waste of money and time all around , if you ask me . A billion dollars for security , give me a break ! Why do we have the UN ? That seems a perfectly logical place to meet . Or how about teleconferencing ? I know that I'm being simplistic but what really gets accomplished at all these meetings . Plus ca change...