Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Heartland Lace

You might think that I don't like knitting this lace shawl, considering how long it's been on the needles, and how often I say I'm going to work on it and don't. Not true. It's a very nice shawl to knit. But as I work towards the last dozen rows, each row gets longer - a row takes about 20 minutes now. Not the best project to pick up for a few minutes and then put down. And I still have to pay close attention to each and every stitch within the lace pattern to keep from going wrong - not easy to pick up after a long absence and sort out where you left off.

But isn't that what makes it challenging and interesting? Very different than knitting dishcloths! With a few free hours yesterday I was able to work to the end of the 24th row of the 33 row River of Life Edging. Nearly finished. Nearly.


Allison said...

I have been reluctant to tackle a complex lace shawl. I know I'll have to be be faithful to it or get lost in the pattern.

Louise said...

It is looking great! Glad to hear you are nearing the end though!
Sorry to hear that you didn't have nice weather for your knit in public day last Saturday:(