Saturday, June 5, 2010

could do or should do

Aaaah, the weekend. More rain overnight and what looks like a beautiful sunny day ahead. The day is filled with possibilities ... now, aside from some knitting, what to do?

Fun things I could do - go to the beach, weed the garden, go for a bike ride, visit friends, take the Kayak out onto the Lake, soak in the hot tub, see a movie, read a book.

Mundane things I should do - laundry, dust and vacuum, grocery shop, back up files from my computer, clean out my clothes closet.


Wanderingcatstudio said...

Weeding the garden is fun? I've got to work most of the weekend, but I think I might take my lap top outside

Elizabeth said...

Totally with you on the fun vs mundane. Isabelle, dad and I had a fun day yesterday and I'm trying to make up for it today by writing chart notes, but it's so hard...even with it raining steadily.

Frieda said...

Go for the fun stuff , the mundane can wait for a rainy day .

Love your blanket , it's so pretty!