Saturday, June 19, 2010

in the meantime

My Tea Leaves cardigan is on hold, at least until the swatch dries, and then we'll see. My Lotto Max numbers didn't come up lucky and I don't think this gauge swatch will either. Oh well, what would I do with $50 million, anyway?

In the meantime I've had a look through my stashed yarns to find another quick project - this time a child's sweater in Moda Dea Washable Wool. This is wool I bought on the TTC Knitalong last year with the intention of making a sweater for my youngest nephew. The yarn is chain-plyed making it very smooth and lovely to knit, but the reviews about how well it washes are mixed. The pattern is from eweCanKnit: pattern #210, Child's Ribbed V-Neck Pullover. Pen markings throughout the pattern tell me Mom knit this sweater for an eight year old child. It's oddly comforting to work my way through her markings; like she's here with me as I knit.

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One pair of Hands said...

Ooer. 50 million. One would do nicely for me right now.
I've kept my Mum's recipe books and knitting patterns - reading her handwriting is a pleasure that isn't easy to describe. Do you find yourself talking to her, you know, things like, "Now what do you mean by that, Mum"?