Tuesday, June 1, 2010

another provisional cast on

The rain arrived after 11pm, and from what I can tell, it rained hard through the night and then stopped at about 6am. Perfect. After a very mild and dry winter, and a hot and dry spring, a long soaking rain was definitely needed. In fact, another week or two of rainy nights wouldn't come amiss. It's also perfect weather for sleeping - the soothing sound of rain accompanied by cooler temperatures and a break in the humidity.

Last night I cast on the second fancy sock. Maybe I don't like toe-up socks because I don't like provisional cast ons. Somehow or another, I struggle to get them to "unzip" properly and I find the process of picking up the stitches stressful. For the second sock I used this method where you use a crochet hook and scrap yarn to crochet the stitches around the knitting needle. I'm sure I've mentioned it before. This method always works for me; unzips perfectly every time. Now on with round after round of straight knitting to the gusset... ideal train knitting.

Happy birthday to my sister, Janice!

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Louise said...

You should give Judy's Magic Cast On a try. It is what I use all of the time and love it! The socks are looking great!