Friday, July 3, 2009

the perfect gift

July brings a rash of birthdays in my family. For my 9 yr old nephew? Something related to trains. And for the 17 yr old nephew? Cash or a gift card. Which leaves my sister-in-law. She's tough to buy for and I was starting to feel desperate. Until she proudly showed my her Patches Hat and Blanket. Because then I knew that Mag Kandis' book Folk Style and some Mission Falls wool would be perfect! Thanks to the ladies at the Purple Purl for helping me out with this.

And look, they're finished! My red rocket socks based on Cookie A's Rick pattern. I love them - of course - but it's a relief to have them done. So much detail and so many chart rows. Is it wrong to want to frame them instead of wear them?

This weekend, Gavin's ripping out carpet and installing hardwood at my sister's. Which will leave me lots of knitting time. Maybe I can make some headway on my baby blanket project.


Anonymous said...

Kind of ruining the surprise of the gifts, though, aren't you?

Frieda said...

Love the hat & blanket pattern , so sweet ! The socks are beautiful. Cookie's book is on my wish list.

Happy knitting this weeekend !