Monday, July 13, 2009

lazy summer days

The second mitt is done. So that's another pair that can be added to my pile of knitted goods for the Warm Hands Network. And, to tell the truth, my Stratification blanket is also done. It's blocking now, and will hopefully be dry and ready for its photo tomorrow. 

I've also finished reading  The Lost Garden by Helen Humphreys.
The novel is set in WWII England with literary, gardening and knitting themes. Within the narrative a young Canadian soldier knits for his girlfriend. He designs the sweaters to reflect one of their shared experiences. When she receives them she figures out the inspiration and sends back a photo of herself in the sweater at the place they went together.  The knitting keeps them connected. Or as the main character explains "I can see how their love works for them. How he makes a mystery for her to solve. How she sends back the proof." It's a charming light read for a lazy summer day.

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Frieda said...

Question , do you sleep ? You're knitting up a storm !

The book sounds interesting , I'll have to check it out .