Friday, July 24, 2009

the amazing addi turbos


Yeah right, I thought, but I need sharp tips so I bit my lip and bought the most expensive needles I've ever owned. And now, several repeats later, I'm glad I did. With sharp tips I can pick up the loops for knitting quickly, cleanly and accurately. Faster, as advertised.

My enthusiasm for this little lace project threatens to carry me away. Already, I'm entertaining thoughts of knitting shawls and scarves for everyone I know. And losing hours of my workday browsing dreamily through the Ravelry pattern database. One thing at a time, though. Let's just see how the Lily of the Valley lace section goes!

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Frieda said...

I splurged a couple of years ago and bought a pair of the addi turbo needles . I agree , they are amazung , especially the lace ones. I'm using the 4,00mm lace needles to knit the shawl I'm currently working on .I'm adding to the collection as the need arises .