Thursday, July 30, 2009

natural dye question

Not much on needles right now. My head tells me to start the sweater, but my imagination is telling me to start another shawl. I thought a compromise might work, and cast on a sock yesterday. Glynis from Cookie A's book, Sock Innovation. But the yarn felt "rope-y" not at all soft or stretchy - more like a dishcloth cotton. I ripped it out but now I'm perplexed. The yarn is 100% merino. Can a natural dye process change the texture of the yarn? Will it soften up after a wash or two in Eucalan?

While I ponder that, I'm knitting more hats for Burera Hospital in Rwanda. The celery green hat is done, and a pink one has been started. My hat production has slowed as my work schedule has picked up. Which is very good news in this economy. It's nice to have knitting time at work, but worrying to have lots of time to knit! I'm changing up the ribbing at the brim of the hat to K4P2. That still leaves plenty of stretch. Comparing stockinette to seed stitch, Gavin chose in favour of stockinette, so I'll go back to that style for the main body of the hat. And knit an entire rainbow of hats.

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