Saturday, July 11, 2009

back from the wilds

No internet, no email, no phone for the last few days. Instead, we've been communing with chipmunks, herons, foxes, fish, snakes and frogs at Pine Vista Resort on Stoney Lake. And thankfully not too many bugs. It was a nice, much needed break. It's really amazing how well you sleep after a day at the lake!

Not much progress to report on my Stratification blanket. Maybe I'll get some knitting time after the cooler is unpacked and the laundry's done. I did grab my portable knitting project to take along - another pair of Newfie Mittens for the Warm Hands Network, this time in purples. My nephew Nicholas - the premiere nature watcher - helped me figure out the correct length for the hand. And my nephew Stephen - the champion frog catcher - tried on the mitts as I worked, so that I could judge the correct length for the thumb. They were both lots of help ... when they weren't busy swimming, fishing and eating, that is.

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Balkan Style Bloggers said...

Your mittens look great!! I love making child-sized mittens - they're super quick to knit up!