Wednesday, March 25, 2009

one sock done

The first sock is done. It's a bit snug for me, but it's supposed to be. I have bigger feet than any woman I know. One pattern modification to report - after decreasing to 16 stitches at the toes I grafted the remaining stitches to finish the sock. Didn't think it needed to narrow any further than that!

Gosh, did you see that? I modified a pattern, just as if I knew what I was doing! Guess I'm starting to feel a bit more confident as a sock knitter!

My review of the sock? Five stars for the pattern. It's a well written, simple sock. But this may be the last pair of socks I make from cotton. The resulting fabric is a bit stiff - not as comfortable as wool or bamboo. Hope it softens up as with a few wearings and washings! Like a pair of jeans, I imagine. Onto sock #2!


Suse-the-slow-knitta said...

instead of using 100% cotton try Regia's wool/ cotton mix, it's pretty good.
Great sock btw!

Magical Jane said...

I LOVE the cotton, and they are completely soft on your feet. Definitely more cotton socks! Love my socks oxo