Wednesday, March 18, 2009

finished monkeys

Finished and blocked - one pair of Monkey socks. Quite a fun pattern to knit, and a well-fitting, comfy pair of socks. After knitting a pair I can certainly see why the pattern is so popular. Deservedly so.

I did cast on Duckies and had a good start on the first sock. But that's about as far as these socks are likely to go. A couple of reasons, really.

Firstly, the sock is meant to be knit with a heavier, thicker yarn than the sock yarns that I have in my stash. With spring coming I'm far more interested in lighter weight knits. And using a lighter weight for this pattern would mean altering the number of stitches and adjusting the pattern to come out to the right size - a bit beyond me.

Secondly, the pattern itself strikes me as a simplified version of the Sprockets socks that I just finished. It's not really the same, but it is a column of holes created by yo stitches. Very simple and repetitive ... and not really what I'm in the mood for.

Finally, the bamboo yarn has a silky effect when knit in stockinette - an effect I was quite taken with. A more architectural pattern of cables and ribs might put this yarn to better use.

So this morning I'm ripping out what I started. And putting aside the yarn until the right pattern comes to my attention. In the meantime I'm inclined to cast on a pair of simple ribbed socks with some left over cotton in my stash.