Monday, March 2, 2009

fraternal twin socks

Identical twins? Or fraternal twins? With patterned yarn, you have to plan ahead if you want identical twin socks where the striping of the second sock exactly matches the first sock. Essentially, you unravel and discard yarn until you find the exact same starting point in the colour pattern. And then hope that there are no knots or interruptions in the pattern through the rest of the ball of yarn.

After reading Ravelry posts from OCD-challenged sock knitters expressing their fears of non-matching socks, I had to acknowledge that I recognized myself in that. And consciously decided that I'd face that fear and just knit whatever part of the colour pattern came next.

So my Sprocket Socks are going to be fraternal twins, not identical twins. I've knit the leg of the second sock up to the heel flap. And so far I'm okay with it. I'm channeling Deepak Chopra - learning to let go and listening to what the universe wants to bring to me. Although the striping doesn't match, it's so subtle in this yarn that it's not freaking me out. So subtle in fact that Gavin hasn't even noticed. Yet.