Friday, March 20, 2009

the first day of spring

Nevermind that it's -5°C, today is the first day of Spring. And there are clear signs that better weather is coming. Look carefully in my garden and you'll see Tulips poking up and starting to unfurl. Peer into the dessicated clumps of Sedum and you'll find the beginnings of new growth. Examine the ground around the stalks of last year's daylilies and you'll detect tiny green shoots that show this year's promise.

And the birds! There's been a steady queue of American Goldfinches at the Niger feeder. And crowds of Cardinals and Purple House Finches gorging on Safflower. A cacophony of chirping and tweeting from the trees, shrubs and eavestroughs greets me when I step outside.

A simple knit + family time + sunny weather = a good plan for the first weekend of spring.

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