Thursday, December 4, 2008

a sleeve

"Continue in pattern until sleeve measures 17ins or desired length below the join." Hurrray! 18ins and counting on the first sleeve - just a couple more inches to go, then on to the second sleeve. And still on the first skein of Sheep's Grey! Chances are I'll be casting on the second sleeve tonight after work. While I'm making steady progress, finishing the sweater in time for Christmas dinner doesn't look likely. "Just wear the sleeves to Christmas dinner" is Gavin's helpful suggestion. Hmmm.

Almost Fingerless gloves for Lianne have also been started. Linda's gloves are really tiny - which is okay, because Linda is really tiny. But Lianne's pair needs to be bigger. So, using larger needles, I've added one pattern repeat to the front and the same number of stitches to the back. My first attempt at pattern alteration - we'll see how that goes. And yes, it's the same yarn as I used for Linda's, but I'll try not to complain about it this time.

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