Saturday, December 13, 2008

made it

In her blog, Anita of the Warm Hands Network confirms that our knits have made it to Ottawa. It's reassuring to know that they're in her hands - although I did insure the parcel in case of loss or damage. I can't even imagine how I'd break that kind of bad news to all the knitters who invested so much time in those hats and mitts.

It's also a nice to see that this knitting is going to be used and appreciated. Anita seems pleased and excited with what she has seen. And I know that every bit was knitted with the best quality materials - all 100% wool or alpaca. I think all the knitters enjoyed making these hats and mitts - I certainly did - and enjoyed that idea that with our efforts we're doing some good in the world. Much more satisfying than fighting through crowds at the mall to buy gift cards for people who already have it all. So a big thank you to Anita for letting us take part in her venture.

I'm going to start earlier for next year. Who knew mitts were so much fun to knit? And quick? In fact, maybe I'll sort through all the lovely wools in my stash and start a small colourful knit this weekend. Like these Newfie Mittens!

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