Saturday, December 6, 2008

about the cat

Once more through the colourwork chart and into the sheep's grey - the second sleeve is well underway. I really like the effect of the colourwork, but boy, what a pain in the neck it is. After knitting one needle of colourwork, I spend the same amount of time untwisting the yarn in preparation for knitting the next needle.

All this winding and twisting of multiple balls of yarn is very interesting to the cat. She sits beside me on the sofa as I knit. First she watches, tracking the wool with her stare. Tenatively she stretches out a paw to touch the wool, hesitating to see if I'm going to scold her. Finally, if I'm not watching carefully, she has the knitted work in her claws and the strand of wool in her mouth. Which makes me crazy!

I'm trying to train the cat to leave the yarn alone, but I don't suppose she can help herself. It's in her nature to play with strings and ball, and such. Besides, has anyone ever succeeded at training a cat to do anything other than what the cat wants to do? Didn't think so.

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Susan said...

Wow! That was fun, but really time consuming. Great site, thanks for letting me know.