Saturday, December 27, 2008

new projects for a new year

The first Thuja sock is done and the second is started. Actually, the second sock has been started for the second time. On my first try I messed up two pattern rounds just over an inch into the sock. Sigh. The socks'll be finished in the next couple of days. And the body of my Taiga sweater is still waiting for me. But it's so fun to start something new. When I heard that Scott and Lindsay are expecting their first, I thought hurray, I have a reason to knit a baby blanket. Poring over patterns in Ravelry was fun. Which pattern did I pick? Renee Baby Blanket ... it looks scarily difficult, but we'll see.

And I thought it'd be smart to buy yarn at a Boxing Day sale, as a blanket takes more than a few skeins. Mom and I braved a snowy morning yesterday to drive to the Boxing Day Sale at Pick Up Sticks. Such a big website and such a tiny store. Lots of lovely yarn to look at, but few choices suitable for my baby blanket. Plenty of fabulous sock wool, though! Of course, there's much debate about what's best for a baby blanket - washable acrylic or fancy yarn requiring special handling. My choice? Organic cotton .... machine washable, soft and beautifully coloured. Can't wait to cast on!

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