Sunday, March 11, 2012

Year of Projects - Huron Mountain 02

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The high today is expected to be in the double digits. In fact, we're expecting temperatures 10° C above seasonal norms all next week (10°C = 18° F!). Yippee!

My first Huron Mountain sock was finished Tuesday and I've been overwhelmed by its popularity. Several coworkers and friends have tried to put dibs on this pair or place orders for their own pairs. Even Gavin has remarked that he particularly likes this pair, and he's not generally a fan of socks at all. The second sock was cast on Friday. After some steady knitting through last night's hockey game I've finished the first chart and am ready to start the second to complete the leg to the heel. Once the sock is done I'm going to wear it around the house a bit  - with shoes and in stocking feet - to see how I like the feel of the banded heel. It's kind of nice to be able to carry the colourwork chart through the foot with the interruption of gusset decreases, so I'm hoping it tests out okay.

My guess is that my second Huron Mountain sock will be finished about midweek. Looking through the list of patterns remaining to be knit, I decided to tackle Christmas in Tallinn next. The pattern is written as a Christmas stocking, but as the chart repeats at 18 stitches which can be knit 4 times across 72 stitches, I'm determined instead to knit it as a pair of socks instead. Socks with a very fancy leg pattern, that's for sure, but socks they will be! In anticipation I had a look through my stash for yarn that would work; here's what I decided upon -  the main colour will be a light grey, the main contrast will be worked in a variegated blue/green yarn and for the small bits of the second contrasting colour in the cuff I'm using a solid navy blue. I hope the effect will be interesting and dramatic. We'll see by next week!

That's it for me this Sunday - it's way too nice to stay inside! Have a great week on your Year of Projects and whatever else you turn your attention to!


Clea Stagnitti said...

I love the Huron socks too! And great colors.

Kate said...

It is a beautiful sock! I hope it's comfortable for you.

Weather has been lovely here this weekend too, starting out close to freezing but warming up fast, and it's so much easier to feel warm under a blue sky. I was out on my bike this morning and then took Small Girl on a park circuit this afternoon.

Marie/Underground Crafter said...

I'm looking to forward to hearing how they feel. I like your idea for modifying the stocking.

Chrisknits said...

I did that pattern as a stocking. Made it for Hubster so he would have a place for Santa's goodies. It only took about 15 years before I got a stocking of my own and it took the Youngest Daughter to get it. She bought one after Christmas a few years ago for .75 cents. I am going to believe that's not what my family things my worth is. LOL!

Faith said...

Love it, I like the spots, I can see why it's very popular.

Wow, that Christmas stocking pattern looks like a huge undertaking, but I bet it will be gorgeous when it's done.

Enjoy your double figures, it's been lovel here too it's so nice to get out and enjoy being out.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Sock looks fantastic - and I think the other one will be lovely too.

The kitties and I are enjoying the nice weather with windows wide open!

Pumpkin said...

Ooooo. Beautiful socks.

Sandy said...

Not surprised it's so popular, it looks awesome.

Kepanie said...

You are a trooper w/18 degrees F! And here in SF we brrr at 30-40 degrees F!
Great sock; love how there's a bidding war upon it.
It'd be so cool to make that Xmas stocking into wearable socks. Festive and fun.

Kim said...

Lovely socks! You always pick the best color combinations. I hope you enjoy your double digit temps! We are back to rain/snow mixed showers-I call it slurry. Wet and cold and damp! I could use a pair of your socks tonight. :)