Friday, August 26, 2011

working away at CeCe

Last night I finished the second sleeve, so I've set those aside for now and set to work adding a couple more repeats to the body of the sweater. Looks like I have plenty of yarn.

Next up? A buttonhole and neck shaping. The pattern directs me to "work 3-stitch buttonhole" - I'm not quite sure how to do that but fortunately there are online tutorials like this one. Remind me again, how did we manage before Google?

Oh yeah, and if the kitchen sink backs up and clogs in the coming days you can remind me about the crochet hook I dropped the sink this morning. Uh oh.


Anonymous said...

Oh no ----- can you undo the trap at the bottom of the pipe to fish the crochet hook out? Or maybe grab it with a magnet stick?

Hope it gets fixed.

The sweater color is soooo pretty.

Note: Irene didn't do much here. A little rain, a little wind. Yesterday we had a couple of squalls, but no damage and nothing scary.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Our sink got really slow just after we moved in - when Dave took the drain apart, we found one of those pins that hold the turkey together (covered in your usual sink goo).

CeeCee is really moving!

Chrisknits said...

Before you do the 3 st buttonhole, try a normal one. Unless your button is huge, a normal one should suffice. Sometimes the 3 st buttonholes just look and act sloppy. And they don't really have a recall, so can be too big. Love that color!