Sunday, August 21, 2011

Come Blog Along Pattern 02 Post 04

Knitting on the Road: Canada Canal du Midi • Conwy • Dalarna • Denmark • Friday Harbor • Hiiumaa • Huron Mountain • New England • The Road to Oslo • Santa Fe • Spey Valley • Christmas in Tallinn • Traveler's Stockings • Uinta Cabin • Unst • Whitby

So that's the first Canal du Midi sock completed. The second is still to be cast on, but it will be soon I promise. The yarn is lovely - so soft with 20% alpaca content - but the colour is so dark that I find it really hard to see the stitches in the evening when I get home from work. And with so many of the stitches crossing back and forth on every round, I really need to see what I'm doing.

In her introduction to Knitting on the Road, Nancy Bush discusses sock yarn. "I knitted with yarns I love or wanted to try and hope you will use this list to discover yarns you love as well." For half a second I considered ordering the yarns and colourways that Nancy used; then I calculated the cost. The first pair used three different colours - forget it! Instead, I've tried to use various yarns in my stash as well as a few yarns I've picked up here and there. As incentive to get a move on with the second Canal du Midi sock I treated myself to new sock yarn for the next pair: Rocky Mountain Dyeworks. This colourway is called "Dandelion" and I can't wait to try it!


Kepanie said...

The cables are so small which make them super sharp! Wonderful job. How do you not make them too tight?

Christine said...

Love this sock! can hardly wait to see the pair! I have a bad sock itch right now... want to make more but SO MANY OTHER THINGS to do... :)

Kim said...

Such lovely yarn!

itstartedwithruby said...

ooh love your new yarn treat - it will look gorgeous knitted up as another pair of sock beauties!

goodpurlgonebad said...

I love watching your progress. I imagine that hand-knitted socks can get quite expensive if you let them.

Lily Razz said...

Wow that sock is looking great, it is indeed dark but a very lovely and deep color! They look very comfy and with the 20% alpaca I'm sure you're loving how they will feel wrapped around your feet!

And what a perfect way to reward yourself! Very smart! ;-)

x Lily