Thursday, August 25, 2011

a tornado watch

We spent last night in amazement at the thunder and lightning from a massive storm. A tornado watch was issued by Environment Canada for our area - that's very unusual for us, our weather is generally pretty moderate. The wild weather gave us some insight into what it must be like to live in Tornado Alley. No thanks!

Power flicked on and off several times, but the constant lightning kept the living room well lit. Enough light to knit by! As it turns out one ball of yarn is sufficient for one sleeve, in fact, there's enough left from that one ball to lengthen them if I want. After the sleeves are done I'll have more than three balls left for the yoke of the cardigan - again, enough to lengthen if I wish. So that's the plan.

All of a sudden this cardigan is flying off the needles, so I'm going with that momentum. Looks like this is one WIP that I can finish up in the next few days.


Anonymous said...

Once you know you have enough yarn, it sure does make the knitting easier.

stephanni :] said...

that color is gorgeous!

i have lived in tornado alley all my life! it is something you kinda get used to. however, it has moved a little north of us so we don't have as many warnings & watches as we did when i was a kid. it was almost a daily thing, going to the cellar in the summertime. i've seen a few massive tornados in real life! they are terrible & very scary & do lots of damage but something about them are so beautiful, i know it sounds weird. :) glad you guys made it through the night safe.

Chrisknits said...

Keep going, you can do it! We don't get a lot of tornadoes, but when we do they do damage. Have sat through many warnings though. Glad you care safe.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

It was pretty cool on my side of the lake too.
We lost power for about 20 seconds, but mostly just enjoyed the light show!