Sunday, February 26, 2012

Year of Projects - New England 02

instead of an Easter Hat,
how about a pair of Easter Socks?

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When, after three tries, I finally got the central diamond pattern established correctly, progress on these New England socks took off. The first sock is done and the second sock is on the needles. And barring anything unforeseen I expect that the pair will be done by the end of this week.

Usually when I photograph knitting I avoid direct sunlight because of the way it bleaches out the detail in the highlights and also because of the harsh shadows it creates. But after days and days of wet snow and rain, this sunshine is entirely welcome and I'm embracing it! With sunny skies and milder temps, this morning feels like a hint of spring. Bring it on!

This pair is number 11 out of 17 pairs, so by the numbers I've completed about 60% of my Year of Projects challenge. I'm confident I can complete the remaining six pairs in the four months remaining. So far the challenge has been a good experience for several reasons:

  • The challenge has encouraged me to knit some patterns that didn't immediately appeal to me - those have mostly been pleasant surprises. 
  • By committing to knit these patterns no matter what, I've been forced to problem solve and modify to work with my yarns and needles. Otherwise I probably would've given up and moved on; I think that's made me a better knitter.
  • I've learned several new cast-on techniques, as well as other fancy stitches.
  • Rather than purchasing whatever patterns caught my fancy, the challenge has restrained me to knitting patterns from a book I already have.


Pumpkin said...

Easter socks, fantastic!

Ruth said...

I really love these socks, I think its the colour mostly but the diamond pattern helps to. I think you'll have no problem in completeing the remainder of your socks and I've really enjoyed seeing all your different ones, some I've wishlisted so I can do them when I eventually get my socks to that level. So thank you for the sock inspiration.

Sandy said...

Awesome on so many levels. All the learning, the saving money from not purchasing etc. Well done! Beautiful socks.

Kim said...

Sounds like the project has been successful judging by the list of accomplishments! The only sign of spring around here is found on the trees and plants as it is going to be quite a chilly and gray weather week. Nice for knitting though!

Sandra said...

It is so beatifull! I have never done a pair of socks like this yet, but someday I will try. The problem is that here in Brasil we don't have socks yarn... :-(
Moreover, we don't have anything good enough here :-(

Chrisknits said...

You go woman! We have sunshine here too. Lovely, but a bit coolish. Of course, it's much better than 30 degree weather! I thought I have given that book away, since I never planned to knit socks again. But then I saw it in the bookcase and remembered it is signed by Nancy so I could never give it up!

Faith said...

The sock is so pretty. You've made such good progress, I'm not thinking about the four months, just the here and now!

We've been enjoying the sun too this weekend, it makes such a difference doesn't it?

Have a successful and sunny week!

Anonymous said...


AndiSocial said...

Looking good! Such a cheerful colour too!

Excellent progress!

kate said...

That's a very pretty sock, I love the pattern and colour.

Kepanie said...

You did such a beautiful job on knitting up that stitch pattern. The colorway + the pattern makes that sock just fantastic!
I have such fun reading your comments on my blog; you are so sweet and fun. I smile and laugh every time!

kate said...

Such a pretty sock!

pinkundine said...

Looking fabulous!

Marie/Underground Crafter said...

Looks great! I agree with everything you've said about Year of Projects (except that mine relates to crochet). I'm really glad I'm doing this and I'm enjoying reading everyone else's adventures.

GirlAnachronismE said...

They look gorgeous, I love the pattern with that yarn!