Friday, February 17, 2012

what about worsted

Now that my Wool-Eater blanket is finished I'm left with several hundred grams of assorted worsted weight leftovers. And in order to Surmount the Stash I need a plan to use them. My plan begins with knit hats for charity from any colourway where I have a couple hundred yards or more.

I've made a start with 240 yards of Bernat Satin in this deep Bordeaux red. Last night I cast on for Windschief - a clever little pattern from Stephen West. The design is super easy and really effective, resulting in a striking but still masculine hat. I've seen this pattern from quite a number of other bloggers and have had it in my queue for ages. A really fun knit!

From a stash-busting point of view it's also quite refreshing. Working my way through light fingering weight yarns on 2mm needles has been slow going. Munching through worsted weight yarns on 4.5mm needles is comparatively speedy! As well it's a pretty mindless knit which, after ripping out the current sock-in-progress three times so far, is just what the doctor ordered.


pinkundine said...

I like switching to speedy yarns after working with fingering weight for a while, everything moves so much faster ;)

I love that pattern, and the colour is great :)

lily said...

Great way to use up all those ends of yarn.......lovely shade.

Anonymous said...

That must be a great yarn. The stitch definition is wonderful.

Have fun with the hats!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

That looks warm and cozy!

Alittlebitsheepish said...

That red is gorgeous, looking forward to seeing how the hat comes out