Monday, February 6, 2012

Miss Doolittle continues

Although it's been mostly ignored in my blog, I have been making steady progress on my Miss Doolittle scarf. The first half is done and waiting on a stitch holder. On the second half the hem flounce is done as well as a handful of lace repeats. The lace pattern is really easy to knit because it's really easy to read the knitting and detect quickly if a yarn over has been missed. As well, the lace repeat is just 8 rows =  4 pattern rows and 4 rest rows; that's easy enough to remember without referring to the pattern.

As I neared the finish of the first half of the scarf I weighed my remaining yarn just to make sure I had enough. And yes, I should be able to squeak through with just a couple of grams leftover. It's a relief; there's something luxurious about a lengthy scarf, isn't there? I'm targeting a finished object Friday for this project. These unblocked wip pictures just aren't doing the pattern any justice - the miracle of blocking is definitely called for!


pinkundine said...

I love lengthy scarves, so I'm glad that it looks like you'll have enough yarn! It's such a pretty colour, can't wait to see what the pattern looks like when it's blocked ;)

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Can't wait to see it blocked!