Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thursday's List of Awesome

With a nod to Neil Pasricha here's my list of awesome things from the past week:

i) Daylilies are blooming, and blooming, and blooming.

ii) When asked what he'd like for dessert, my three year old nephew replies without hesitation, "butter".

iii) Watching a miniature schnauser run.

iv) "It was really fun ... the funnest ... " Gavin struggles to find superlatives for the paddling conditions on Monday evening.

v) One green light after another from the highway to my driveway last night.


Elizabeth said...


Anonymous said...

That day lily is AWESOME. The color is so rich.

I remember being a kid and thinking butter all by itself was kind of great. I remember telling my mom that when I was grown up I'd eat as much butter and sugar from the sugar bowl as I wanted.

The thought of that NOW is kind of revolting. LOL

Magical Jane said...

What a beautiful colour that lily is. I enjoy your list of awesomeness.

One pair of Hands said...

I've never seen a day lily in that colour. Isn't it beautiful. Mine are yellow.