Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thursday's list of Awesome

With a tip of the hat to Neil Pasricha and his blog 1000 Awesome Things I’m making my own list of small awesome things from the past week.

i) Dragonflies. There were a ton of these marvelous little creatures at the cottage. Look at those wings. Did you know that their flight muscles can adjust stroke frequency, amplitude, phase between fore and hind wings and angle of wings to fly in all kinds of different ways?

ii) I made a pot of coffee and someone remarked that it was "really delicious". And it was.

iii) Print your own solar cells: engineers at Oregon State U have successfully manufactured ink with the chemicals necessary for capturing solar energy opening the door to low cost solar panels.

iv) In a shoe store with my sister I found a pair of sandals that fit me perfectly. That pretty much NEVER happens. I bought them and have been wearing them non-stop since.

v) On Saturday Gavin and I discovered that we could bike from Port Union through Petticoat Creek Conservation Area, all the way to Frenchman's Bay on the Waterfront Trail.


Anonymous said...

That's awesome!!!

I love that website. With so much negative in the world, it's nice to read uplifting posts, both yours and Neil's.

Frieda said...

I love this post , thanks so much for the link and your list of awesomeness !