Tuesday, July 12, 2011

a ruffled necklace

Kristen's Mom's throat cancer has returned so she's facing a laryngectomy. How can I help? Well, Kristen has put the call out for crafters to make stoma covers for her Mom - pretty ones rather than the utilitarian kind you get from surgical supply shops. There's lots more information in Kristen's posts here and here. The first version I'm making is based this crocheted ruffled necklace pattern. I've filled in the centre ruffles with double and treble crochet stitches to create a solid fabric for the area where the collar bones meet. And I've added another row of scallops in the centre portion of the first ruffle to make sure it's long enough. Hopefully today I can find a memory wire necklace so that I can try it out.

I'm also planning a beaded version. A crafter posted on an internet forum that glass beads were particularly suitable because they were cool, the beads drape nicely, air flow is unrestricted, they are entirely lint free and the necklace can be easily washed in the kitchen sink. These beaded necklaces by Jill Vater are my inspiration. What do you think Jane? Are you up for another bead store trip?

Finally take note, the London (ON) Health Sciences Centre Children's Hospital has put out a call for purple knit or crochet baby hats in support of the Period of Purple Crying® Program - a program that provides important information to parents and caregivers regarding infant crying patterns and comforting strategies, and education on Shaken Baby Syndrome. Follow the link for complete information. The deadline is mid-October, so there's lots of time for me to knit a few.


Wanderingcatstudio said...

That is a very cool cover!

Kristen said...

beautiful, thank so much!!

Magical Jane said...

I am always up for a trip to anything crafty - you know that!

And today, the dollar store just got in some 'memory wire like' necklaces that might be just the thing for what you are working on. Too wide an end for most small opening beads, but perfect for putting crochet over.

Naturally, I picked up every colour they had if you'd like to try them out!