Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tea Leaves done

Several attempts at staging my finished Tea Leaves sweater and this is the best photo I've got. Clearly it's one of those garments that looks better on the wearer than it does laid out on the floor. The cat thought the photo might look better with her stretched across the sweater, but I disagreed and lured her away with cat treats. As you can see, the second sleeve is done, as are both button bands, so the sweater is finished but for a couple of buttons. Seems like there are gorgeous buttons everywhere you look, until you actually need some buttons, and then none of them is quite right.

The activity level around here has picked up to coincide with Gavin feeling better. We spent Sunday morning celebrating my sister-in-law's birthday - chocolate cake and some handknit socks for her. She was thrilled with the Esther socks I knit her from Wandering Cat Alley Cat Sock in their Campfire colourway. Thank goodness they fit! The extreme fudge chocolate cake was a hit as well.


Frieda said...

Congratulations on another nice knit ! Beautiful !

Glad to hear thar Gavin is feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the finish!

Louise said...

The sweater looks great! Both pairs of socks look like they would be fun patterns to knit.