Saturday, July 31, 2010

Scylla socks

We're up early this morning getting ready for a long weekend at a friend's cottage at Lake Erie. With less than an hour of knitting left to finish my second Estonian Traveler's Sock, I decided to put it aside until I get home. I need something with several hours of knitting for the long drives there and back, as well as whatever amount of knitting time on the weekend. The second Caspian Seas sock is definitely not travel knitting, so I had a look at my queue.

Scylla Socks made my queue not just because they're attractive, but also because they're toe-up and designed for variegated yarn. Perfect for a couple of yarns in my stash that have confounded me in the search for a fitting pattern. And toe-up because these yarns are leftovers and I have less than 100 grams. With toe up I can stop the leg at half way through the yarn to avoid running out before the sock is complete. Hopefully I get something more than ankle socks!

I came across this yarn during my stash cupboard tidy up. It's Trekking Pro Natura, which is a merino and bamboo blend. I bought it a few years ago; I remember distinctly, because it was the first time I splurged on "expensive" yarn. Mom fell in love with it and knitted a pair of toddler socks from it, then the remainder came back to me when I inherited Mom's stash.


Anonymous said...

Very pretty! Trekking Pro Natura is one of my favorite yarns.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Enjoy the cottage - Dave and I were considering heading to his this weekend, but we've decided just to chill here. At least we've had great weather!

suse-the-slow-knitta & Baldyboi said...

what a great pattern! enjoy your trip

Frieda said...

That is a beautiful pattern and the yarn looks like it will be perfect for it . Thank God this is a toe up pattern or my ravelry queue would be longer again .