Monday, July 19, 2010

clear boxes for yarn storage

The first of my Estonian Traveler's Socks is nearly done as well. I turned the heel at work on Friday afternoon and worked most of the gusset on the train ride home. Saturday afternoon I spent an hour or so working on the foot before we left to attend a farewell BBQ for a friend who'll be working in Hong Kong for two years.

At the dollar store on Sunday we looked for a couple of styrofoam pool noodles - Gavin wanted them to cushion his board racks. The pool noodles were all sold out, but I found some clear plastic shoe-box sized storage boxes; perfect for tidy storage of stash yarn. And because they're clear plastic, I can see exactly what's where! So while the laundry was on the go in the basement I reorganized my yarn cupboard.

One clear box filled with sock yarn leftovers.
One clear box filled with novelty yarn leftovers.
One clear box with stuff like safety eyes, puffy paint, buttons and pompom makers.
One clear box packed with yarn and pattern for a toy bear.

And one more thing that's clear? I don't need any more yarn!


Anonymous said...

Need has nothing to do with it. When it comes to yarn, it's all about the WANT!!!

I ALWAYS want more yarn. LOL

GavinFregona said...

I think I had already mentioned that you didn't need any more yarn.

Anonymous said...

Regarding blind stash grab --- just stick your hand in the box. Whatever comes out is the next project. Not hard at all. LOL

I'm enjoying Christmas in July too. Good thing --- there can be plenty of it. LOL

One pair of Hands said...

Too much yarn? Aint no such animal. I'm a clear box fan too, saves so much rummaging.