Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday Oats

Tuesday brings me to the Oats colourway of this linen-rayon blend yarn. And it'll come as no surprise that I love this colour. That's me - safely neutral! After the coppery Cinnamon and the murky Indigo, a lighter pick-me-up colour was definitely called for. My third washcloth is worked in Tile Stitch - simple knitted squares defined by columns and rows of purls. It will be nice and square without any rolling, but this pattern has a definite RS and WS which I'm not entirely happy with.

When binding off the Seed Stitch Stripe washcloth, I tried a tip from Kathy's Kreations from the book Knitter's Stash. On the last stitch I knit into the stitch below, avoiding a loose, wobbly loop at the end of the bind off. It works; I'll have to remember that.

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Frieda said...

Love them all but I'm an Indigo inda gal . Forever in blue jeans ...